Wave 1

Introduction to Freediving

Welcome to the world of freediving!
Learn how to dive safely on one breath

Molchanovs | 4 days | $9,600 MXN

Wave 1 freediving course is your entry ticket to the underwater world on a single breath of air!

The Molchanovs Wave 1 is a challenging, BUT very rewarding course.

We offer you the possibility to do it over 4 days with a group of max. 3 students allowing you to get the best of your freediving potential.

We ensure you a fun and safe diving experience following our high quality teaching standards!


  • The basics of freediving physiology and physics so you can understand how breath hold diving affects your body
  •  Relaxation and breathing techniques for freediving
  • Freediving safety and rescue techniques
  • Introduction to freediving equalization techniques
  • Skills to dive comfortably to a depth between 12-20 meters.
  • How to train so you can keep improving as a diver 
1 - What is included
• Extensive online manual
• 1 theory session
• 2 pool sessions (pool or Cenote)
• 3 open water sessions (20m max) in the Cenote
• All freediving equipment
• Your freediving pictures, and video skills debrief
• Cenote transport / entrance
• Yoga class & Breathing exercises with a certified Yoga teacher
• Access to the Molchanovs base training
• On the successful completion of the course, you will receive a Wave 1 certification.
2 - Minimum performance requirements
• Constant Weight dive (CWTB & FIM) to 12-20m
• Rescue from 6-10m
• Static apnea of 1min30
• Exam 75% passing rate
3 - Prerequisites
• Swim 200m unassisted, non-stop in a pool setting
• 18 years of age (16 with a guardian's consent).
• Do not have any medical conditions

Be patient, take your time freediving is something you can do for your entire life So don’t rush it!

An overview of your course

Duration 4 (four) days

Day 1: Theory & Pool (9am to 3.30pm)
Day 2: Pool & Dive session (8am to 3pm)
Day 3: Dive Session (9am – 3 pm)
Day 4: Dive session (8.30am – 1pm)

Apnea Tulum

Molchanovs | 4 days | $9,600 MXN

Nestled amidst the stunning Tulum coastline, our exclusive Apnea Tulum offering beckons you to investigate the ocean’s depths profoundly. Here, you will reveal the ideal fusion of experience and serenity while immersing yourself in the wonders underneath the Caribbean Sea’s crystal-clear waters.


Apnea Tulum presents a distinctive chance to embrace freediving’s speciality in possibly Mexico’s most stunning region. Describe the depths of the Caribbean, where a dynamic marine world awaits your discovery.


Our group of devoted instructors, profoundly passionate about the speciality of apnea, will skillfully direct you through this exceptional excursion. You’ll procure the techniques and principles of breath-hold jumping, uncovering the puzzling secrets of the submerged domain. The sensation of associating with the ocean at such significant levels will satisfy you.


Tulum’s serene feel serves as the ideal canvas for your apnea experience. You will find an unparalleled feeling of unity and tranquillity embraced by the gentle murmur of the waves and the swaying palm palms. No matter your experience level, Apnea Tulum welcomes freedivers of all skill levels.

Take a Deep Breath, Dive Into Yourself!

Junior Program


Wave 1 - Beginner

Wave 2 - Intermediate