Wave 1

Introduction to Freediving

Welcome to the world of freediving!
Learn how to dive safely on one breath

Molchanovs | 4 days | $10,500 MXN

Wave 1 freediving course is your entry ticket to the underwater world on a single breath of air!

The Molchanovs Wave 1 is a challenging, BUT very rewarding course.

We offer you the possibility to do it over 4 days with a group of max. 3 students allowing you to get the best of your freediving potential.

We ensure you a fun and safe diving experience following our high quality teaching standards!

*2 pool sessions & 3 open water sessions*


  • The basics of freediving physiology and physics so you can understand how breath hold diving affects your body
  •  Relaxation and breathing techniques for freediving
  • Freediving safety and rescue techniques
  • Introduction to freediving equalization techniques
  • Skills to dive comfortably to a depth between 12-20 meters.
  • How to train so you can keep improving as a diver 
1 - What is included
• Extensive online manual
• 1 theory session
• 2 pool sessions (pool or Cenote)
• 3 open water sessions (20m max) in the Cenote
• All freediving equipment
• Your freediving pictures, and video skills debrief
• Cenote transport / entrance
• Yoga class & Breathing exercises with a certified Yoga teacher
• Access to the Molchanovs base training
• On the successful completion of the course, you will receive a Wave 1 certification.
2 - Minimum performance requirements
• Constant Weight dive (CWTB & FIM) to 12-20m
• Rescue from 6-10m
• Static apnea of 1min30
• Exam 75% passing rate
3 - Prerequisites
• Swim 200m unassisted, non-stop in a pool setting
• 18 years of age (16 with a guardian's consent).
• Do not have any medical conditions

Be patient, take your time freediving is something you can do for your entire life So don’t rush it!

An overview of your course

Duration 4 (four) days

Day 1: Theory & Pool (9am to 3.30pm)
Day 2: Pool & open water session #1 (8am to 3pm)
Day 3: Open water session #2 (9am – 3 pm)
Day 4: Open water session #3 (8.30am – 1pm)

Take a Deep Breath, Dive Into Yourself!

Junior Program


Wave 1 - Beginner

Wave 2 - Intermediate