Freediving is a Lifestyle,
Freedivers improve by constant training!

Being a freediver means that you need to continue to improve your freediving skills in between courses, not just within the courses themselves. Don’t forget, true understanding and mastery of freediving requires focus, practice and training.

Why do training session?

  • Develop and enhance your skills and techniques
  • Prepare to your next freediving course
  • Improve your physical condition to become a stronger freediver
  • Develop a greater awareness, a deeper state of relaxation and a stronger focus
  • Develop more tolerance to higher levels of carbon dioxide and tolerate moderately lower levels of oxygen.
The FOUR pillars of your freediving training:






Forget about time and distance, leave results aside.
Enjoy this moment of complete unity with nature, relaxation, and rest

Training in-between courses is important to improve and maintain a wide variety of freediving skills: Training duck dive, depth, dive time, turn technique, Frenzel, mouthfill, Free Immersion (FIM), Constant Weight (CWT), Constant Weight with Bifins (CWTB), Constant Weight No Fins (CNF), and Functional Residual Capacity (FRC).

  • Yoga Stretching/Breathing
  •  Transportation from Tulum
  • Entrance to the cenote
  • All equipment
  • Maximum 3 divers per buoy
  • Go Pro Video
  • PREREQUISITES: Certification required
  • PRICE: $ 1,800 MXN
  • DURATION: MORNING 8.30am – 12.30pm


The pool is where you are training. The sea is where a freediver is made.

Freediving training in the pool is a powerful practice to enhance your abilities in breath hold and technique.

We can work on Static or your technique for Dynamic (DYN), Dynamic with Bifins (DYNB), and Dynamic No Fins (DNF) and take home some training routines.

  • Transportation from Tulum
  • Yoga Stretching/Breathing
  • Entrance to the cenote/Pool
  • All equipment
  • PREREQUISITES : Certification required
  • PRICE: $ 1,800 MXN
  • DURATION: MORNING 8.30am – 12pm


Everything is a process, and so is the progress

True mastery of freediving requires consistent focus, practice, and training to finesse technique, physical capacity, and mental capacity. Regular training allows you to achieve this and to become a strong and efficient freediver with a high level of internal awareness with a deeper state of relaxation.

One training doesn’t fit all!

Our Yoga therapeutic specialist will be able to assess your body and provide the best exercises for you.

  • Physical fitness, anaerobic exercises, increasing tolerance to lactic acid with dry apnea exercises.
  • Yoga and Stretching are incredibly beneficial to freediving,
    increasing strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness with the use myofascial release techniques.
  • Breathing techniques, and developing pranayama practice more awareness, flexibility around your respiratory muscles.
  • PREREQUISITES : 18 years old

  • PRICE: $1,200 MXN

  • DURATION: 2 HRS (at location or online)


Freediving equalization is not merely happening in the water. Equalization is something you need work on dry especially if you are struggling with it in the water.


If you are beginner, we will explain the basic theory and the concept of equalization. If you have started your freediving journey but equalization is stopping you from progressing, we will help you to disengage the Valsalva.

  • Quick review of equalization techniques
  • Understand anatomy for equalization
  • Physiology vs. technical aspect
  • Dry exercises
  • Otovent exercises + your free otovent!
  • PRICE: $2,000 MXN
  • DURATION: 3 HRS (at location or online)


Learn to master deep equalization and the utilization of nose clip/fluid goggles. This course is for divers who want to go below 35 m

  • Quick review of equalization techniques
  • Understand anatomy for equalization
  • Dry exercises
  • Otovent exercises + your free otovent!
  • Dry Class $2,000 MXN  – 3 hrs
  • Dry Class + Water session $ 4,000 MXN

Train Hard, Dive Easy!

Junior Program


Wave 1 - Beginner

Wave 2 - Intermediate




Remember that all water-based Training should only be practiced with a certified freediving buddy
Never freedive alone.