An Inner Journey between two breaths

Freediving is about feelings. Whether it’s the euphoria that comes from weightlessness, or the beauty of the underwater world, we dive for the moments of joy that come from a deeper understanding of our internal experience. We dive for the pleasure of retreat, where inner calm and peace dissolve our racing thoughts. Freediving offers us happiness from nothing more than a single breath of air.”


Natalia Molchanova was a freediving world champion and the holder of 42 world records. She originally created the freediving education system take a beginner, step by step, to an elite freediver.

Natalia’s aspiration was always to strive for safe and efficient freediving, and to achieve this through the provision of education and training.

The Molchanovs education system as it is today was formally launched in 2018. It has taken the education and training system from Natalia, added its own expertise together with a group of the world’s best freedivers (including Alexey Molchanov) and freediving trainers. Molchanovs covers education, training and experiences. The principle aim is to help a freediver to learn and train like one of the world’s best, under instruction from Molchanovs instructors and with support from a global freediving Molchanovs community.

Molchanovs Education System is a new and fastest-growing freediving agency in the world. It’s an online community of freedivers whom all took a Molchanovs Freediving Course. Through an online platform, freedivers from all over the world, are able to share ideas, discuss training, develop skills, and find support when needed!


The freediving philosophy is irresistible, it is one of enjoyment and relaxation. Freediving promotes health and fitness-based lifestyle. It is ALL about feeling WELL! Calming down the mind, learning to breath properly, connecting with ourselves and become one with nature.

Freediving is for everyone and accessible to all underwater enthusiasts!



  • DYNAMIC (DYN): freediver attempts to cover the greatest horizontal distance using a monofin or bi-fins
  • DYNAMIC NO FIN (DNF): The freediver attempts to cover the greatest horizontal distance without fins using breaststroke technique
  • STATIC (STA): The freediver holds his/her breath on the water surface with the face submerged


  • CONSTANT WEIGHT (CWT): The freediver descends and ascends with the same weighting using a monofin or bi-fins without pulling on the rope
  • FREE IMMERSION (FIM): The freediver descends and ascends with the same weighting without fins by pulling on the dive rope
  • CONSTANT NO FIN (CNF): The freediver descends and ascends with the same weighting without fins using breaststroke technique

Freediving Health Benefits

Helps to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

One of the most important part is RELAXATION. You will learn how to relax through the breath, and creating more awareness around your main respiratory muscles (diaphragm & intercostals muscles). Very complementary with yoga practice - we include breathing exercises, relaxation exercises and body scan. Freediving has changed for many of us the entire outlook on life, and reducing the level of stress in our daily life.

Improved Fitness and Flexibility

Freediving helps adhere to a healthier lifestyle. You don’t need to be fit to freedive, or be able to touch your toes, but when you start freediving, fitness and flexibility usually follow. Many sports as swimming, gym work and yoga, help to build freediving fitness. The increased fitness and flexibility is a real benefit to anyone looking to live a fit and active life.

Better Focus and Concentration

There’s nothing quite like diving to 30m/100 foot on one breath to focus the mind and improve your concentration. Everything matters on a freedive. What the body is doing at each moment, how the equalisation is working, if there are diaphragm contractions. Freediving improves the mind by training it to focus exclusively on the present moment. There is no past, no future, just the present moment of the dive. The only person responsible for and in charge of your wellbeing while freediving is you!

More self-confidence

Most freedivers are surprised when they first start – they never knew they could hold their breath for minutes at a time, or dive so deep on a single breath of air. Freediving brings self-confidence as you learn to trust your skills and fine-tune your control.

Better water safety

Freediving courses make safety a priority! always dive with a buddy. Freediving may be seen by some as a risky sport, but if you learn to freedive, you’re now going to be far safer in the water! When you learn to freedive, you are taught how to relax in the water, how to deal with cramp. You will be rescuing someone from depth, and diving deeper that you ever thought possible.

Increased lung function

When you start in freediving, one of the first things you learn is to learn about your respiratory muscles and how to take a full breath. Freediving teaches you how to use the diaphragm more effectively to breathe. Diaphragmatic, or ‘belly’ breathing is a much more efficient way of oxygenating the body and puts the body under less stress.

Better nutrition.

When you get into freediving, you become much more aware of the food you eat and how it impacts not only your freediving but your general health. If freedivers are overweight when they start freediving, then they usually begin to lose weight, as they change their diet for the better to make their freediving more effective and enjoyable.

Better Wildlife Encounters & Respect for the Ocean

If you dive gracefully down on a breath hold, then creatures under the water usually come and check you out. If you are blowing bubbles on the other hand, then you are more likely to scare them away.Many of the biggest and best wildlife encounters are also not possible on Scuba, such as Pilot, Sperm, Blue, Humpback and Orcas. You are not allowed to do this on Scuba. As you learn about them, you gain a greater appreciation, understanding and awareness of the ocean and its inhabitants. This helps make better environmental decisions to help protect our planet.

Expand your knowledge, Elevate your practice, Enrich your life!

Junior Program


Wave 1 - Beginner

Wave 2 - Intermediate