Freediving and Yoga Retreat


Take a deep breath and join us


We develop life-changing freediving and yoga retreat to allow yourself an exceptional week of mind-body opening while you dazzle your senses on land, sea, and underwater! La Casa Surya has designed a great blend of yoga and scuba / free diving for an unforgettable experience that will improve both your diving and yoga skills. Take this opportunity to rediscover yourself and maybe your partner after being removed from nature and your passions for yoga, diving, and the natural surroundings for too long.


The depth you can reach while at freediving and yoga retreat is a direct result of how relaxed and comfortable you are. Yoga is an excellent technique for learning to intentionally relax the body and focus the mind.

Cenote Adventure & Mayan Ruins

September 2023

Freediving adventure Cenotes & Ancient Ruins, Mexico 2023

Be ready for the adventure, and plunge into the secret world!

Freediving & Yoga retreat Tulum

Introduction to Freediving
July 2023

Freediving & Yoga Retreat Tulum, Mexico 2023

Take a deep breath, and Dive into Yourself
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Freediving & Yoga retreat Bacalar

October 2023

Freediving & Yoga Retreat Bacalar, Mexico 2023

Experience, enjoy, and reconnect!
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